CIT at a Glance

Developed & Implemented in 1988

Originally developed and implemented in Memphis, TN in 1988 with partnerships from the Memphis Police Department, NAMI, mental health professionals and advocates.

The CIT Program was developed and implemented in Lackawanna County in 2010, with ten individuals attending a CIT “Train the Trainer” course in Johnstown, PA. All officers and emergency personnel register for the training on a voluntary basis.

The 40-hour comprehensive training emphasizes mental health-related topics, crisis resolution skills and de-escalation training, and access to community-based services.

The format of the training consists of the Mental Health First Aid certification course, lectures, on-site visitation and exposure to several mental health facilities, intensive interactions with the individuals with a mental illness and family members, and scenario-based de-escalation skill training.

Quick Facts About CIT

  • Not a special “program” or “unit”
  • Saves money and manpower
  • Reduces officer injuries (potentially reducing litigation)
  • Can be implemented at low cost
  • Increases public trust and satisfaction with police services
  • Provides general knowledge beneficial to officers in managing a wide range of crisis situations.